Dimensions and rims




a) The overall dimensions indicated are valid for tyres fitted on recommended rims (rims printed in bold type in our brochure).


b) The radius under load and rolling circumferences indicated are dimensions measured on a hard, flat surface, on the tractor drive wheel, at low speed, at ambient temperature close to 20°C, and in standard conditions.




a) The rims and wheels used must be compatible with the characteristics and performance of our tyres, particularly as concerns:

  • Their resistance to loads/pressures in the different types of use in the field and on the road,
  • Their resistance and non-deformability in response to the torques transmitted,
  • Their handling at maximum speed,
  • Their geometrical conformity (development, etc.)
  • Their buckling and concentricity tolerance,
  • Their airtightness (if put into use as Tubeless tyres).


b) W rims may be replaced by DW rims (same flange height up to a rim width of 13") and W14 to W18 rims can be replaced by W14L to W18L or DW14 to DW18 rims (difference in flange height permitted by our tyres).



  • The rims recommended (printed in bold type),
  • The rims permitted (printed in thin type)


tyre dimension

tyre dimension
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