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The best choice when it comes to enjoying what really matters to you

All year round


Find out why you should switch to all season tyres



Kleber - Tyres designed for all seasons

Tyres designed for all seasons


With all season tyres, you can go on holiday more often and enjoy time with your family: performing on all surfaces and homologized to run on snow, all season tyres are intrinsically economical: there is no need to change them every season. This way you can drive in confidence

snow ice

snow ice

Snow / Ice

Good start and braking on snow due to the new sipes orientation 





Wet grip: one of the best results on the all season-market(1) Braking distance reduced by 1.6m(2)

dry surface

dry surface

Dry surfaces

The braking distance on dry roads is reduced by 3.5m due to the hinges that optimise the contact surface(2)

bg 2x

bg 2x

Tyres homologated to run on snow


All season tyres are designed for driving on snowy, wet as well as dry roads.

Furthermore, all-season tyres likes Kleber's Quadraxer 2 have the 3PMSF(3) and M+S(4) certifications. What does this mean?




3PMSF certification for snow

The 3PMSF (3) certification of Kleber's Quadraxer 2 all-seasons tyres gurantees your safety and mobility on snow. This certification is awarded to tyres by an independent laboratory after conducting performance, safety and mobility tests on snow.




M+S certification for snowy and muddy roads


The M+S (4) certification indicates that the tyre is better suited for snowy or muddy roads than a summer tyre. The good news is that KLEBER Quadraxer 2 tyres also have this certification.



Save money


Four all-season tyres count in fact as eight


All-season tyres by definition both summer and winter tyres, all in one. As such, you save a set of tyres within a year

rectangle 2x

rectangle 2x

Don't change your tyres with each season, drive care free


All-season tyres are all about bringing peace of mind on daily basis. With all season tyres, you no longer have to go to the garage to change your tyres with every change of season. No more trips to the garage at the beginning of winter or summer: once your all-season tyres are installed, you are free to drive all year round!


Want more ?




Designed in France


KLEBER Quadraxer all-season tyres are european tyres ! Did you know ? Kleber tyres are designed in Clermont-Ferrand, in France

Kleber Interviews with technical development team - Quadraxer 2 All-Season tyres

Behind the scenes of Quadraxer 2


We at KLEBER are constantly pushing the boundaries to bring you the best tyres for your car. Discover the work of the team behind the Quadraxer 2 design.

Discover the whole KLEBER All Season range - Tyres voted by the public


Your BEST ALLY, the 4 season tyre

kleber quadraxer 2 vue 3 4 face
(1984) reviews

"THE" 4x4 & SUV all season tyre

citilander vue 3 4 235 65 r17 hd
(184) reviews

"THE" All seasons tyre for light trucks

transpro 235 65r 16c de 3 4 nb
(111) reviews

Legal mentions:


(1): Labelling upgrade from C to B compared to previous range KLEBER Quadraxer. Source : Product Tracking Report August 2015.

(2): Braking distance reduced by 3,5m ie 9% less compared to previous KLEBER Quadraxer range on dimension 205/55 16 91H. Michelin Group internal test realized on January 26th 2015 on Fontange track.

(3): "3 Peaks Mountain Snow Flake" marking, winter certification

(4): "Mud & Snow"