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citilander vue 3 4 235 65 r17 hd


(196) reviews
"THE" 4x4 & SUV all season tyre

strenght and safety

strenght and safety
Overcome all daily obstacles in complete safety
  • Its casing that is 20%* stronger compared to passenger car ranges can stand up to any test in an urban setting
  • Its wide longitudinal grooves effectively remove water and limit the risks of aquaplaning




Enjoy an excellent traction on all surfaces in summer as well as winter

• Its high tread pattern, lateral grip and numerous lateral grooves B provide outstanding traction on all surfaces: tarmac, gravel, mud, snow • Its 3PMSF** and M+S*** markings make it a truly all seasons tyre, ideal for summer and winter alike*



Benefit from an outstanding durability

• Its asymmetric tread provides optimum distribution of rigidity, ensuring slow and regular wear • Its tread pattern depth ensures a better lifespan


* Increased breaking load of the carcass tissue compared to the Dynaxer HP3 range tissue measured on the 205/70 R 15 and 215/65 R 16 sizes.

* 3 Peak Mountain Snow Flake *** Mud+Snow



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