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kleber krisalp hp3 suv withoutshadow


(250) reviews
Quality, safety that outperforms your expectations at a reasonable price

snow ice

snow ice
Peace of mind in winter conditions


  • Proven compounds Helio 3G delivering top winter performance
  • A tread pattern designed for winter and ice conditions (numerous sipes & edges arranged in V shape for water evacuation)
  • Your snowy travels secured and guarenteed by European certification 3PMSF


Simplifying your life



  • Designed for SUV load and compatible with electric vehicles
  • Noise optimized tread pattern for you and your family’s comfort
  • Equipped with rim protector 
  • Designed and made in Europe

wet surfaces

wet surfaces
Good value for money over time



  • Excellent rolling resistance with top rolling resistance grading for a winter product reducing fuel consumption and increasing electric vehicle mileage
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