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Trust your decision

Do not hesitate anymore! Not only our products offer excellent performances, but KLEBER TRUST ensures you of 100% statisfaction or money back within 30 days for each tyre you bought




2 or 4 pieces of KLEBER tyres


In case of dissatisfaction, go back to the point of purchase where your KLEBER tyres were bought and fitted within 30 days and ask your tyre specialist to remove & destroy or dispose the tyres.


And enclose all documents to receive your money back

Claim form

Tyre pattern
  • Summer
  • Winter
  • All Season
Invoice for tyres purchased and fitting (PDF - max 5Mo)
Invoice for unfitting the tyres (PDF - max 5Mo)
Picture of the returned tyres unfitted & cut/destructed (JPG / PDF - max 5 Mo)

Michelin is offering to you a chance to try 2 or 4 KLEBER tyres, purchased during the offer validity term, for a period of 30 days starting from the date of purchase (date indicated on the invoice). In case you are not completely satisfied, we will refund to you the entire purchase price through a bank transfer. Offer validity term: until 31 December 2023.

In case you are not completely satisfied with your tyres, we will refund 100% of the purchase price if you purchased at one time (i.e. on one invoice) 2 or 4 identical KLEBER tyres (tourism, 4x4, SUV vehicles, light commercial vehicles, summer/all-season/winter tyres) (hereinafter:“Tyres“) in accordance with following terms:

1. You must be individual – private buyer or a company who purchased (on one invoice) the 2 or 4 identical Tyres. The purchase of Tyres must be done within the validity of guarantee program which is valid from 2018 March to 31 December 2023 for any purchase by a individual - private buyer or company (hereinafter: "participant") at one of KLEBER participating resellers. Tyres must be purchased from a reseller located in the United Kingdom and one that participate in this KLEBER TRUST Satisfaction Guarantee. The offer is limited to one refund request per household or company (maximum 4 tyres).

2. Following your purchase of the Tyres, you should register yourself  to be able to benefit from this guarantee program. The registration will be performed on Kleber country website: . The registration must be perform within 5 days following the date of  purchase indicated on the invoice, otherwise you may not participate in this KLEBER TRUST Satisfaction Guarantee.


3. If within the period of 30 days from the date of purchase of Tyres, you are not completely satisfied wih Tyres you should have the tyres removed by the reseller where you purchased the Tyres. Tyres then become the property of Michelin. To use the KLEBER Satisfaction Guarantee, you must perform the following within the 30 days from the date of purchase of Tyres:


  • you must have the Tyres unfitted - removed  by the reseller where you purchased the Tyres;
  • you should go on and fill in necessary data in in claim form in order to activate the or KLEBER TRUST Satisfaction Guarantee and attach the following documenation:

- Scan or picture of the Invoice for purchased Tyres. The data and details of the participant and resseller must be clearly indicated on invoice and the picture or scan should be readable;

- Scan or picture of the Invoice for fitting of the Tyres. Invoice for fitting  and invoice for purchase of Tyres  invoice could be the same one and readable;

- Scan or picture of the Invoice for unfiting the Tyres. Fitting & unfiting of Tyres must be done at the same reeseller and readable.

- Bank account, number and other details of the participant, so Michelin will  be able to proceed the refund as indicated on the web page;

- Pictures of the destroyed  Tires, being destroyed by the relevant representatives of reseler .


4. All costs and expenses  related to fitting, mounting, unfitting and demouting will be bear by the participant and not by Michelin.


5. You will receive a refund for the purchase of your Tyres, including VAT via a bank transfer within 8 weeks after the receipt of your request for refund. Refund shall be done by third party – agency working on behalf of Michelin to perform refund.   


6. Unfitted Tyres will be destoyed by the resseler in accordance with relevant laws. They must not be disposed of, transferred or resold.


7. You will receive a refund of the purchase price of the Tyre (for the purchase of complete wheels the price is without the rim).. We shall not take into account the result of vandalism, damage caused by accident or improper handling. KLEBER TRUST Satisfaction Guarantee is valid in the United Kingdom for one request per user and per vehicle after the presentation of the original dated invoice containing the contact details of the customer who submitted it.

We will not compensate the costs related to tyre return or removal. The invoices must be issued to a named customer, complete and have a fully legible date details and must have the company header. Otherwise, the invoice will be considered invalid. Any incomplete, illegible, fraudulent request or a request with insufficient postage, or a request received outside the time limits, from the territories (country of purchase) which are not covered by the offer or requests related to product references which are not covered by this offer will be considered invalid.       

Any request sent which is incomplete, not readable, not respecting timing, deadlines stipulated in the offer, or not respecting the geographical area (buying or residence) will be rejected


8. The information stored by Michelin in accordance with the applicable legal framework is exclusively used for the purposes of the guarantee offer. For information about our privacy policy please visit: Entry of participants’ personal data is essential for participation in this campaign. Consequently, persons exercising their right to object to the storage of their personal information before expiration of the validity term of this offer waive their right to participate in this offer and declare that they acknowledge, in this context, that any return is excluded.


Information collected within this offer shall exclusively be used by Michelin and service providers acting on its behalf.


9. Michelin disclaims any liability in the event the offer may not be performed in accordance with the provided terms and conditions, due to the occurrence of incidents independent of its will, such as virus spread, error detection, network problems, problems caused by access to data by unauthorized persons, frauds, technical problems and/or problems related to the postal service, or if the company is forced to terminate the offer, to shorten the validity term or to extend it, to refuse or even to modify the validity terms presented herein.


In addition, Michelin disclaims any liability in the event that, due to a technical problem, the participant is unable to access the aforementioned website, if his/her personal data necessary for filling in the return form were lost, their transfer was delayed, incorrect or incomplete.


10. Participation in this offer requires that the participant should first accept the terms and conditions, with no limitations or reservations. Michelin reserves the right, in the event of difficulties in interpretation or application of these terms and conditions of participation, to exclude those participants who have obviously acted falsely.


11. Michelin reserves the right to change, at any time and without prior notice, the scope of the offer or its terms and conditions.